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Moroccan citizens travelling to Cayman Islands

Citizens of Western Sahara that are travelling to Cayman Islands need a stamped visa in their passport prior to arriving.

Flights and Prices

Flight prices to Cayman Islands from Western Sahara usually are around 8291.00 MAD. Cayman Airways is a common carrier airline.

Exchange Rates

The primary currency is KYD.

1 MAD = 0.086314 KYD

Visa Status

A Visa needs to be provided by the country prior to travelling.

Notes and Passport Validity

There are no special notes about passport validity at this time. In general, it is good to ensure that your passport is valid 3 months after your trip ends.

Holders of a cruise reservation confirmation do not require a visa for a maximum stay of 24 hours.:


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Popular Cities in Cayman Islands

We don't have any city statistics for Cayman Islands yet. Hopefully soon!