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Moroccan citizens travelling to Uruguay

Citizens of Western Sahara that are travelling to Uruguay need a stamped visa in their passport prior to arriving.

What to expect in Uruguay

🤝 friendly locals
⚡ Above average wifi
mild weather
💰 expensive cost of living
🏖️ beaches
legal marijuana

Flights and Prices

Flight prices to Uruguay from Western Sahara usually are around 13448.00 MAD. GOL Linhas Aéreas is a common carrier airline.

International and domestic airlines

Common international airlines are

United Airlines

. Popular domestic airlines are

American Airlines

Common Tourist Questions

🥘 Do I need to tip?

No, you are not expected to tip at restaurants and other service businesses.

💰 Should I carry cash?

No, you don't have to carry cash with you. Credit cards are generally accepted. This may not be the case in smaller cities so you should double-check when you land.

☎️ Where do I get a SIM card from?

Some popular telecom companies are

Claro, and Antel


💦 Can I drink tap water?

No, you cannot drink tap water. Bottled water is recommended.

🚕What do I use to get around?

Popular ride-hailing services include


Exchange Rates

The primary currency is UYU.

1 MAD = 3.794086 UYU

To put that in perspective, the average dinner will cost you roughly $9.52 USD.

Visa Status

A Visa needs to be provided by the country prior to travelling.

Notes and Passport Validity

There are no special notes about passport validity at this time. In general, it is good to ensure that your passport is valid 3 months after your trip ends.

Safety and Security

Do not travel.

We now advise all not to travel overseas at this time, due to the health risks from the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant disruptions to global travel. This includes to Uruguay. If you’re already overseas and wish to return to Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as possible by commercial means. We now advise you to: Do not travel to Uruguay.


These values are calculated by computing the average scores that we have available to us across all cities in Uruguay. In some cases, they may not be completely accurate.

Internet Speed (4.30 / 5)
Safety (2.85 / 5)
Cost of Living (2.86 / 5)
Average Hotel Cost

$158.00 USD / night

Average Dinners

$9.52 USD

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Popular Cities in Uruguay


Punta del Este